Saturday, December 21, 2019

Every Student Succeeds Improving No Child Left Behind

Every Student Succeeds Improving No Child Left Behind There have been many reforms that have been put in place since schools were created in 1635 . New acts are created and changed as America and its school system continues to change. Lyndon B. Johnson, to face the problem of war on poverty , created the Elementary and Secondary School Act of 1965. As America changed, in 2001, George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act to replace the 1965 act because America was no longer competing internationally with other countries . This controversial act has negatively affected teachers and students ever since its implication inception. After being enacted for over 10 years, NCLB is being replaced with a new act that was just signed by†¦show more content†¦These tests play a large role in the lives of teachers and students, and it creates controversy and hardships in the education system. NCLB has directly affected teachers and their stability of their jobs. In this act, teachers are evaluated based on student’s standardized test scores. There are many factors that affect students when they take standardized tests. Students could understand all of the material, but when they take the test have anxiety, and not do well. Student disabilities also need to be a factor to consider. All students are different, and teachers should not have to worry about losing their jobs based on one test that their students take. According to Levine, â€Å"Tests made it easier to identify substandard teachers and easier to justify firing them.† (Levine). Standardized tests should not be used as a way to justify; they should be used to test what a student has learned. The importance of these tests is causing teachers to only focus on the material to make sure the students do well on the tests. They solely focus on what will be on these tests, which affects the other factors st udents need to learn at school. This is called â€Å"teaching to the test†. For example, students should learn how to do an oral presentation and group projects, which could potentially be pushed to a corner to focus strictly on testing material. Focusing just on testing material could also make teachers not focus on their creativity in lesson plans. This deprives

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